If the price of Marlboro® cigarettes seems too good to be true,
it most likely is. Cheap Marlboro® cigarettes offered by
unlicensed sellers or wholesalers may be fake. Your retail
customers are loyal - if they know you sold fake Marlboro®
cigarettes, your good name instantly gets a bad rep. Are you
willing to lose REAL customers over FAKE cigarettes? Law
enforcement agents are on the case - catching guilty wholesalers
and retailers by surprise.
Get caught selling counterfeit
Marlboro® cigarettes and you
risk losing your entire business
- not just your cigarette sales.
Are you willing to lose
everything just for counterfeit
Marlboro® cigarettes?
Selling counterfeit Marlboro®
cigarettes is a violation of Philip
Morris USA's (PM USA) trademark
rights. PM USA takes these
violations seriously and has sued
thousands of wholesalers and
retailers, as well as deceptive
websites for counterfeit cigarette
Possessing or selling counterfeit
cigarettes is illegal. Members of law
enforcement know that and are
actively pursuing those who sell
counterfeit cigarettes.