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Hungary: smoking legislation should not result in unemployment

by USA-Cigarettes.Com | 4 comments

Hungary: smoking legislation should not result in unemployment

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The end of August, the Hungarian Parliament's Employment and Labor Committee members Pál Kontur said the new regulations undermine the livelihoods of thousands of families, thus increasing the unemployment rate in the least developed regions, this is not the work of those in power.

Pál Kontur at a meeting of the Hungarian Tobacco Growers Association published the remarks. The meeting concerned the European Commission is currently on the EU's "Tobacco Products Directive" What the audit results, in particular, will not have any prohibited or restricted the use of additives proposal.

According to the Hungarian Tobacco Growers Association, said tobacco production in Hungary, providing a livelihood for nearly 20,000 people.

Employed in the tobacco fields who work, 70% women, 93% no qualifications, more than 50% of people with Romanian descent.

Hungary Tobacco Growers Association, said a total ban on tobacco product additives will damage the burley production employed about 10,000 workers their livelihood.

Although the Hungarian President Illés Bényei Tobacco Growers Association, said excessive controls will damage the livelihoods of thousands of Hungarian families continue to concern the fact, but he also said that in order to maintain employment in the restructuring of the subsidy provided by the European Union need a medium-term guarantee.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Minister responsible for social integration, chief political adviser Zoltán Lakner this meeting in the Tobacco Growers Association, said, "Every one to create and maintain employment, improve the legal culture and to promote self-reliance, contribute to social on the livelihoods of the poorest groups and families thrive ideas and efforts must be supported. "

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