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Black cigarette trade growing trend in Africa

by USA-Cigarettes.Com | 5 comments

Black cigarette trade growing trend in Africa

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In recent years, black African economic development, and per capita purchasing power increased, the demand for cigarettes has increased. Accra, Ghana, a retail photo shows the main (left) greeting the customer.

As export prices of cigarettes and other tobacco suppliers in Europe is low, some countries in the region coupled with an increase in cigarette factory, cigarette production increased, black cigarette trade between African countries show growth trends.

In 2010, Black Africa has increased imports of cigarettes, but cigarette vendors in Europe find their exports to the region's relative decline in the number of previous years - compared with the local cigarette exporters, who because of high transport costs and export prices and the loss of competitive advantage, making trade between countries of the region showing growth.


In 2010, the South African cigarette vendors a lot of energy rich countries for the expansion of exports of cigarettes, of course, did not give up the opportunity to explore other African markets.

In 2010, South Africa's total exports of cigarettes to 110 billion, worth $ 95,850,000. Among this, exports to the United States increased to 1.85 billion cigarettes, the average price of 7.4 cents per pack (20 sticks) - the price of exports to other markets all 17.4 cents per pack (20 Pack) price lower; exported to Angola, Cameroon, Gabon, Mali and Saudi Arabia's emerging markets cigarettes to one billion, respectively, 1.44 billion, 2.12 billion, 1.363 billion, 1.38 billion; for the exports amounted to 705 million UAE branch, the average price of 12.7 cents per pack (20 sticks); of Kuwait's exports amounted to 126 million, an average price of 15.2 cents per pack (20 sticks). In addition to a sharp fall in exports to Mozambique, South Africa on Black Africa's exports of other countries also declined, exports to the Congo (DRC), Zambia, Nigeria, Guinea, the amount of cigarettes were reduced to 20 million, 105 million, 3800 million units, 105 million.

Despite increasing competition, East Africa, Kenya is still in control of the cigarette market. East African countries based on strong demand for imported consumer goods, Kenya recognized as a reliable supplier of cigarettes. In 2010, Kenya's total exports of cigarettes to 10.9 billion, the average price of 15 cents per pack (20 sticks), which exports to major markets in Somalia, the amount of 3.6 billion cigarettes, cigarette exports to Sudan of about 1.9 billion . Kenya's main truck to transport cigarettes across Africa in 2010 exports to Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, cigarette volume was 1.5 billion, 835 million, 715 million, 457 million, more than exports of Mauritius 1 billion. In addition to the African market, Kenya, in 2010 there are 65 million cigarette exports to Norway.

Senegal is Africa's third largest exporter of cigarettes, cigarette in the country in 2010 to $ 2.9 billion exports, worth about $ 33 million. Benefited from the free trade zone and common currency system, other West African countries as its main export market. In 2010, exports to Guinea, Senegal, Liberia, the amount of cigarettes were 593 million, 478 million, while the occupation of Austria and Brazil in some markets such as Sierra Leone, Togo's share.

Côte d'Ivoire cigarette exports in 2010 amounted to 623 million, of which exports to Nepal, Benin's cigarette volume was 332 million, 214 million. In Niger, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire to become a larger supplier of cigarettes before the German and French cigarettes exported to Niger - mineral export to the States sufficient foreign exchange to import consumer goods.


In 2010, Black Africa's total imports of cigarettes, compared with the previous year increased by nearly 10 percent, to 76 billion. 2005 is the main importing countries of Mozambique, Guinea, Mauritania and Nigeria, and in 2010 was Guinea, Niger, Nigeria, Mauritania and Somalia.

Sudan, or will become a larger importer of cigarettes. In 2010, Sudan imported 30 billion cigarettes, mostly from Kenya. As more and more multinational oil exploration and exploitation in Sudan, Sudan's cigarette imports will increase. For some cigarette exporters, southern Sudan will be an emerging market - from different countries and projects oil industry experts, the influx of workers, the increased demand for cigarettes of various brands.

Chad oil earnings in recent years, the average annual income over $ 4 billion, increasing demand for imports of cigarettes. Niger, Chad was a major supplier of cigarettes, but the competition from Kenya and Senegal, Niger in 2010 makes a sharp fall in exports to the country.

In the past, black Africa's imports from the EU countries a large amount of cigarettes, now mainly imports from some countries in the region of cigarettes. Germany, the Netherlands and France, cigarette exports to the region has remained stable over time, but began to decline in 2010, mainly because the price of cigarettes in South Africa and Kenya, less than half of EU exporters offer; 2007 British Nigeria's exports amounted to 1.74 billion cigarettes, up to 2010 has dropped to very low levels.

As the Swiss cigarette exporters over the past decade trying to develop the African market - will be flown to the mining factory cigarette factory nearby shops, Mauritania, Guinea and some other countries, cigarette imports to the country is increasing.

Some countries import the fast-growing cigarette market. Somalia cigarette imports in 2010 to 50 billion, Namibia cigarette imports in 2010 increased to more than 400 million sticks. Rwanda imports about 700 million, 8 years ago, 3 times. Uganda imported cigarettes in 2010 about 1.6 billion, is the 2003 - 2005, 2 times the average annual imports, mostly from Kenya. Sudan imported cigarettes in 2010 about 2.9 billion, mostly from Kenya. Cameroon 2010 cigarette imports about 2003 - 2005 average annual import volume of 5 times. Mali 2010 imported about 1.6 billion cigarettes, five times eight years ago - the world cotton price increases makes the rapid increase in foreign exchange earnings in Mali. Malawi imports of cigarettes in the past eight years has quadrupled, to $ 1 billion in 2010.


Import and export of cigarette prices, the changing economic situation and the impact of commercial tobacco growing region.

South Africa exports of cigarettes averaged 17 cents per pack (20 sticks), Kenya 15 cents per pack (20 sticks), which will result in some traders shift or these suppliers to stay away from cigarette vendor in Europe .

Sporting event will stimulate a lot of national policy makers to allow cigarette imports during a given period, then imports will cut back sharply. As in 2005, Mozambique hosted the regional games, imported cigarettes within one year of 18 billion, followed by sharp drop in imports.

For economic development, the black African countries seek multinational companies to actively invest and build factories, including the cigarette factory, food factory. Some cigarette manufacturers to enter into contract farming with local farmers to meet the demand for raw materials. In recent years, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda and other tobacco-growing in good condition for the country to provide more employment opportunities, but also for the completion of the new cigarette factories to increase its appeal. 10 years ago, Nigeria has been important in Europe and the U.S. importer of cigarettes, but in 2010 the increase in the domestic cigarette production, and its imports to 10 billion.

Imported tobacco as the formula used to promote the development of cigarette production, the new cigarette factory needs some high-end brand of tobacco mostly from Brazil, Greece or Argentina imports. South Africa imports flue-cured tobacco. Nigeria imports all types of tobacco, including Kentucky, USA for the production of manufactured tobacco and other chewing tobacco.

In addition, Angola, Nigeria, Gabon, Sudan and Guinea, countries such as oil or mineral exports increased, imports of these countries provides ample foreign exchange, and promoting economic development, per capita purchasing power is growing, a substantial increase in cigarette demand. However, overall, black Africa's per capita cigarette consumption is relatively low, less than one-third of the North American market.

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